(re)gain equilibrium this spring

About one month ago, I officially welcomed Australia as part of my identity by becoming a citizen of the ‘lucky country’. I am always humbled by the wealth of wisdom that exists within Indigenous Australia, and I love learning more about this fascinating culture. Recently, I was casually commenting on the change of seasons and the influence that it has on us humans, when I learnt that aboriginal people recognises SIX different seasons – local to the Yarra area in which I live in. In fact, we have been seeing our national colours - gold and green, in the bush for weeks already, and the first fruit trees blossoms are popping up all around our neighbourhoods. There is a transition occurring - a change in rhythm, in temperature, in the light.

Consider the same shift occurring within you.

The Vedic wisdom of Ayurveda states that Nature is within us, and that we are Nature. Therefore, as our environment evolves, and more precisely the influences of the five elements changes (earth, fire, water, air and ether), so do we. We, and our four dimensions (body, heart, mind and spirit) mirror nature's changes.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states are moving and shifting to maintain equilibrium. A holistic Yoga practice can help you re(gain) this equilibrium. But how?

We are moving from a stagnant and cold period to a warmer, lighter time, when things start to get back in flow, gathering momentum. This time of the year is opportune for cleansing, that means to let go of all things superficial and get back to the essential!

How to cleanse our four dimensions:

1.     Physically

If you have slowly been eating more over the past few months, start reducing the portion of your meals, especially at night. Try to decrease your coffee intake by switching to a spicy chai or an herbal tea a few times a week.

Check out the post 'En accord with your true essence, or how to cleanse wisely' to find a 5-day cleanse. 

Get back on the mat, and practise Asana – at home or in studio. Get your body moving more, without exhausting yourself. Try walking on the weekend, riding to the yoga studio...

You can also move your body and tissues with massages.

2.     Mentally

Have you started to feel dull, unmotivated? Kinda like ‘I can’t be bothered doing the SAME f—ing thing yet another time’. Hmmm, well try doing something different!

Go to a new café on the weekend, take another route to work, catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, attend a workshop to learn something new. Trick your brain, stimulate it in a new way!

3.     Emotionally

Reset your intention for the end of the year! Do you remember what you set yourself up to do back in January? Where are you at on these goals? What do you want your life to be like, to feel like?

If you feel super confused, start journaling about:

- All of what is bothering you. Just write. It doesn’t have to make sense. Allow yourself to acknowledge the frustration, anger, sadness Then destroy the paper, and let these emotions go…

- Write a few things you LOVE and are grateful for, and hang on to those.

- Write done a few achievable goals. 

Clean your house in depth, tidy up your wardrobe and donate the items you no longer use/wear. You will feel much lighter in your heart!

4.     Spiritually

Get up earlier, you will love the morning light!

Allow the spiritual part of you to be influenced by the mystic around you:

-       Gaze at the moon, and invite that soft, feminine yet powerful energy inwards

-       Light candles, breathe and meditate


Observe the shifts happening in you!

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