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(re)gain equilibrium this spring

There is a transition occurring - a change in rhythm, in temperature, in the light.

Consider the same shift occurring within you.

The Vedic wisdom of Ayurveda states that Nature is within us, and that we are Nature. Therefore, as our environment evolves, and more precisely the influences of the five elements changes (earth, fire, water, air and ether), so do we. We, and our four dimensions (body, heart, mind and spirit) mirror these changes.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states are moving and shifting to maintain equilibrium. A holistic Yoga practice can help you re(gain) this equilibrium. But how?

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How? Why? Why me?

I wanted to feel whole after all? So I had to address the issue as a whole by targeting all its malicious aspects at once. [...] I then added the last layer, ready to be me, I learned Transcendental Meditation. From the first meditation, I could experience my purest Self, and I wanted to hold on to that. It felt precious. [...] A few months after, I fell deeply in love. A once in a lifetime soul love. A love that shakes everything, that generates magic. And just like that, after years spent in the prison of my own body and mind, my senses were free. I was living in the NOW

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