Nutmeg silverbeet cream

A super healthy, warming soup – excellent for a cold winter’s night.

The winter leafy greens will take the flavours of the nutmeg, while the fried cumin and mustard seeds add a twist to this simple blend.

Serves 2. Cook less quantity more often to preserve the prana (life) of the ingredients and nourish yourself.

Choose organic produces when possible. Always cook with fresh vegetables.


How long before you can eat? Let’s say 30 minutes: 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients, 20 minutes to cook the soup and 5 to serve.

You will need:

-       1 bunch of silverbeet (or chard)

-       ½ onion

-       1 garlic clove

-       2 Tbsp. ghee (1 to cook, 1 to reserve) – Ghee is preferred given its numerous health benefits; substitute with coconut oil if unavailable

-       2 tsp cumin seeds

-       2 tsp black mustard seeds

-       3 tsp freshly grounded nutmeg (reserve 1 to serve)

-       Himalayan salt and white pepper


Let’s cook!

Start by preparing your utensils and your ingredients.

You will need a big pan (wok-type is ideal, for the flavours).

Chop the beet into small pieces, rinse well. Finely slice the onion and garlic.

Heat the pan on medium and melt 1 Tbsp. of ghee. Fry the onion until translucent. Add the spices and stir until the mustard seeds pop. Add garlic and silverbeet (if your pan/pot is narrow you can add the silverbeet bit by bit so it cooks evenly). Let the silverbeet cook until you start to see the texture of the leaves changing. Add salt and pepper and cover with water.

Let it simmer for 10/15 minutes, until the leaves are cooked through (the leaves should still be beautifully green). Blend the soup using a stick blender or traditional blender with lid ajar (to allow release of steam).

Top the soup with the reserved ghee and sprinklings of nutmeg. Allow the ghee to melt before serving.


*Reserve the whites of the leaves for another dish as they can be bitter (ie. roasted vegetables).

**My secret to preserve the flavours and give the soup a great texture without adding potatoes or cream is to add water until the vegetables are covered to about 90%. 


Why nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a much-loved spice that offers plenty of health-enhancing properties, including improving sleep quality, reducing joint and organ inflammation and favouring concentration.

Read more about the healing power of the spice here: