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Maud Léger

Empowering People

I share my passion for Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda with the aim to empower people to embrace themselves in becoming who they truly are. 


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Photo: Emily French

Photo: Emily French

Take a moment to slow down, to soften, to relax. Join pianist and composer Rose Riebl, singer and songwriter Marcella Wright and holistic wellness practitioner Maud Léger for a blissful evening of deep rest. SOFT is a 60-minute meditative experience of yin yoga and deep relaxation, immersed in live vocals and minimalist piano. Access inner peace, rest and restore in a lasting way.

Tuesday 28 May, 6-7pm & 7:30-8:30pm, in Fitzroy.


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Hear from my students

Maud’s authenticity as a teacher is remarkable. She brings simplicity and sensuality to each pose, and weaves playfulness and fierceness throughout the practice with talent. Her classes have allowed me to move with more ease, gaining a beautiful tranquility.

Maud has inspired and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. She is a role model for me as well as countless women out there.
— Elise Perri, 5 years of practice
You know those everyday heroes, the ones that help you along the way through a small sacrifice that bring people together? They might make room for you in a crowd, hand you something just beyond your reach or even just exchange glances or a knowing smile that says ‘you are human, and I feel it too’. Maud is that person. 
In Maud’s yoga class you make more space within yourself and for others. Extending your grasp, the unknown is within reach. 
Maud shares in a way that makes you give more of yourself. She does this with eyes that smile and a smile that makes you see.
— Jamie O'loughlin, 19 years of practice.
I began practising yoga daily as a distraction from my intense anxiety and inability to sit with myself and “just be”. I was unable to accept myself as I was and had intense hatred for my body, I was convinced others were not able to see beyond this. From the first class I took with Maud, I was drawn to her vibrancy and energy, I felt accepted and safe and I always left her classes feeling a billion times better than when I arrived. She was able to assist me in learning to accept and love myself with many pieces of wisdom throughout her classes. She never fails to provide opportunities for physical and emotional growth for all her students. Maud is such a warm compassionate soul and has instilled a love of yoga in all her students, including myself. Yoga has changed my life for the better and I have Maud to thank for that.
— Sarah Maxwell, 5 years of practice
Maud is authentic, sensitive and fun. Her knowledge of sequencing and anatomy is excellent.
— Emily Hehir, 10 years of practice
Whilst moving through a state of transition in my career I lacked clarity about my purpose, vision for my life and sense of self worth. Practising yoga with Maud consistently 2 – 3 times per week allowed me the space and clarity to see my situation for what it was – without the story. It ignited courage within me to take the next leap and move into a new direction.
Maud has a unique ability to simultaneously bring warmth, openness and lightness to a yoga class. She has an infectious energy and brings a certain level of courage and vulnerability to her teaching, which in turn encouraged me to overcome challenges and continues to inspire me to be my best self.
feel immensely blessed to have such a vibrant teacher who embodies the true spirit of yoga in all her classes.
— Sarah Green, 4 years of practice
Through Maud’s teaching I’ve made great progress in my practice and had numerous ‘break-through’ moments where I’ve reached places I thought were beyond me.
— Craig Tarling, 3 years of practice